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Wading in cranberries


September 14, 2017
Open House
BC Cranberry Research Society Research Farm, Delta


JUNE 2017
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Information for New Growers

Commercial production (defined as a grower with 2 or more acres) of cranberries is a regulated industry in BC by the BC Cranberry Marketing Commission. The Commission administers the Cranberry Scheme which provides for the promotion, control and regulation, in any or all respects and to the extent of the powers of the Province, of the transportation, processing, packing, storage and marketing of cranberries within the Province, including the prohibition of such transportation, processing, packing, storage and marketing in whole or in part.

Growers must obtain a license issued by the BC Cranberry Marketing Commission and must market the cranberries as approved by the Commission.

Cranberry growers have two marketing options - deliver to a “designated” agency or submit an individual marketing plan to Commission for its consideration.  An individual marketing plan may only include cranberries grown on the applicant’s farm.