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Wading in cranberries


September 14, 2017
Open House
BC Cranberry Research Society Research Farm, Delta


JUNE 2017
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Cranberry Congress

cranberry research  

This page features a compendium of BCCMC Congress presentations divided into the years in which they were presented.

Funding for some of the presentations was provided by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC.

Click on the report title to open the report for viewing and/or printing.


  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013

2015 Cranberry Congress Agenda

Development of a National Voluntary Biosecurity Standard for the Fruit and Tree Nut Sector

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Declining Pollinators: Why it is happening and what it means for you

Elizabeth Elle, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Simon Fraser University

Demonstration Bumble Bee Garden

Renee Prasad, ES Cropconsult

Horticultural Research and Regulatory Activities

John Wilson, Horticultural Advisor

Sparganothis Fruitworm Developmental Thresholds and a Predictive Model for Treatment Timings

Shawn Steffan (1,2), Annie Deutsch (2), Cesar Rodrigues-Saona (3), Vera Kyryczenko-Roth (3) and Juan Zalapa (1)

1: USDA-ARS, Midwest Aea VCRU
2: University of Wisconsin-Madison
3: Rutgers University

Cranberry Fruitworm in BC

Tracy Hueppelsheuser, BC Ministry of Agriculture

Evaluation of Fungal Populations as it Relates to Fruit Rot Incidence in BC

Dr. Frank L. Caruso, Emeritus, UMass Cranberry Station, WSU, WWREC, Mount Vernon

Best Management Practices for Cranberry Tipworm: Use of Movento

Sheila Fitzpatrick, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre, Agassiz

Update on Pesticide Registrations

Caroline Bedard, Ministry of Agriculture, Abbotsford

BC 2015 Winter Workshop

Kim Patten & Chase Metzger, Washington State University Extension

Cranberry Tipworm Control

Brian Mauza, Agricultural Scientist, Ocean Spray

Control of Foliar Cranberry Pests: Fireworm, Tipworm, Dearness scale with new natural Neem formulations

Rita Seffrin, Jason Lussier, Deborah Henderson, Kwantlen Polytechic University

Multi-species Mating Disruption in Cranberries

Shawn Steffan, Cranberry Entomology Laboratory, USDA-ARS, Madison, WI

Precision Agriculture Methods & Cranberry Crop Monitoring with Drones

Mike Morellato, M.Sc., GISP, Owner, Crop Sensors

2014 Cranberry Congress Agenda

Drainage Uniformity and Effects on Cranberry Yields

Jean Caron, Vincent Pelletier, Silvio Gumiere, Yann Periard and Benjamin Parys
University of Laval

Keys to Efficient Irrigation Management in Cranberries

Andrew Petersen, BC Ministry of Agriculture

Changes to the Water Sustainability Act and Agriculture Waste Control Regulations -
What Cranberry Growers Need to Know

Ted van der Gulik, BC Ministry of Agriculture

How Healthy are our Bees and What are the Implications for Cranberry Growers?
Pollinator Challenges and the Impact on Agriculture

Paul van Westendrop, BC Ministry of Agriculture

Decision Making for Management of Cranberry Tipworm

Sheila Fitzpatrick, Miranda Elsby, Kaitlyn Schurmann, Snehlata Mathur
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre

Cranberry Fruitworm in BC

Tracy Hueppelsheuser, BC Ministry of Agriculture

Distribution of Rusty Tussock Distribution in Fraser Valley Cranberry Fields

escropconsult: Heidi Van Dokkumburg, Jason Lussier, Renee Prasad

Main Research Topics and First Results

J. Caron, M.E. Samson, J. Fortin, J.S. Pepin, S.J. Gumiere, V. Pelletier, C. Vanderleest
W. Bland, R. Harbut
Departement des Sols et de Genie Agroalimentaire, Universite Laval and U of Wisconsin

Reduced-risk Pest Management and New Herbicides for Cranberries in BC

Washington State University Extension

2013 Cranberry Congress Agenda

Management of Fruit Rot Diseases

Dr. Frank L. Caruso, UMass Cranberry Station, East Wareham, MA

Update on the Minor Use Pesticides

Caroline Bedard

Update on Cranberry Fruitworm Area-Wide Survey in BC

Tracy Hueppelsheuser, BC Ministry of Agriculture

Understanding Cranberry Bud Development and the Role in Yield Prediction

Rebecca Harbut, Department of Horticulture, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Identification and Field-Testing of Cranberry Tipworm Pheromone

Primary Researcher: Sheila Fitzpatrick - Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

Co-operative research by:
Sneh Mathur - AAFC
Gerhard Gries, Regine Gries, Grigori Khaskin - Simon Fraser University
Dan Peach, Jessika Iwanski, Miranda Elsby, Kaitlyn Schurmann - students at SFU, UBC, USask
Cooperating cranberry growers in Pitt Meadows

Fusarium as a Potential Mycoherbicide for Yellow Loosestrife

Dr. Frank L. Caruso, UMass Cranberry Station, East Wareham, MA

Improving Water Use - Efficiency with Soil Moisture Probes

Rebecca Harbut, Department of Horticulture, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Interaction of Chemigation Timings with Efficacy of Reduced-risk Insectidies and
An Update on West Coast Cranberry Variety Trials and Other Pest Management

Kim Patten, Washington State University Extension

Late Water: The Massachusetts Experience

Dr. Frank L. Caruso, UMass Cranberry Station, East Wareham, MA