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Wading in cranberries

January 10, 2017
COGA Seminar
“Growing for Tomorrow: Young Farmers & the Future of Farming”
Abbotsford, BC


January 26-28, 2017
Pacific Agriculture Show
Abbotsford, BC


February 7, 2017
BC Cranberry Congress Mayfair Lakes Golf & Country Club
Richmond, BC


February 22, 2017
BC Cranberry Marketing Commission Annual General Meeting
Mayfair Lakes Golf & Country Club
Richmond, BC


Mar. 28-30, 2017
Berry Health Benefits Symposium
(Cranberry Institute)

Pismo Beach, California


December 2016
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Cranberry Field

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Integrated Pest Management for Cranberries in Western Canada

2nd Edition 2015

By Sheila Fitzpatrick, Warren Wong, Miranda Elsby and Heidi van Dokkumburg


The authors have made two versions of this book available to us - a large PDF file for those who would like to print a copy, or would like a high-resolution version for their computer, and a small PDF file size for those who would like to download the file to their cell phones or tablets.



Download Book:

Click here for large file

Click here for smaller file


Please note: files of this size can take awhile to download - please be patient.


For those of you downloading to a cell phone or tablet we recommend reading the information below on viewing PDF files.


How to View PDF Files


Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the widely used file formats that can be viewed on virtually all visual platforms. Here we provide the steps that enables users of Android and Apple phones/tablets to view PDF files.


Before downloading a PDF file, there are a couple of things to be aware of:

(1) File size

Each mobile device has a limit/capacity as to how much information it can carry. It is important to check, under settings, whether your device can hold the PDF file that you are interesting in viewing.

(2) WIFI Connected?

Downloading a large file may require a large amount of data. If you are planning to download the file on the go, be sure to check your data plan is sufficient for the file you are downloading. If the file size is too large, consider finding a WIFI connection and downloading the PDF in a convenient location.


(1) Download the PDF file (two ways)

(a) Using the browser within your phone, the app enabling access to the Internet, locate the PDF file online and click the link to download the PDF to your Downloads folder.

(b) Download the file onto your computer, connect your Android device to your computer via a USB cable and copy those files into the folder of your choice.

(2) Opening your Downloads Using a File Manager app, you should be able to access your files and locate your downloads. If you do not have this app, search file manager on the Google Play Store.

(3) After locating your PDF in your designated folder or under downloads, tap it to open it. When this occurs, you will be prompted to select an app to open the PDF with. * If these options are not available to you, you can download one from Google Play Store. Popular PDF reading apps include Google PDF Reader, Adobe Acrobat & PDF Reader.


(1) Download the PDF file Using Safari, locate the link to the PDF you wish to view and click it. *Note: careful not to click the PDF multiple times while using cellular data. This may result in the downloading of the file multiple times.

(2) Opening in iBooks To keep or read your PDF in iBooks, click the “Open in iBooks” tab on the upper right hand corner as you are scrolling through the PDF.

(3) One the PDF is downloaded it can be accessed via third-party apps including apps like PDF expert.