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Welcome to the Website of the
BC Cranberry Marketing Commission

The BCCMC has been a part of BC cranberry farming since 1968. The BC Cranberry Marketing Commission regulates in any and all respects, the transportation, processing, packing, storage and marketing of any variety of cranberries grown in the province of British Columbia.

Interested in learning about our little red gems? Click the Cranberries for Consumers menu and learn how cranberries grow, information on their healthy attributes and find creative ways to enjoy them. Interested in learning about farming in Canada? Click here to read about "The Real Dirt on Farming".

Our Kids Zone is lots of fun with Superberry and the gang. Teacher's resources include materials from our Discover BC Cranberries Education Kit for K-4.

This site is also for our cranberry growers and information specifically for BC cranberry farmers can be found under the Cranberry Growers menu.



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